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School Rule Highlights

(A complete list can be found in you child's planner)

  1. Food and drink are only allowed in the Commons and the Courtyard except under special circumstances.

  2. A mutually enjoined physical altercation between or among two or more persons is prohibited.  No play-fighting, wrestling, hitting, poking etc.

  3. Students in the hall during class time must have passes from their teacher or office personnel at all times. 

  4. During lunches, students must remain in the Commons, Gallery, Sports Court, or Library.  They must stay clear of all classrooms during lunch.

  5. Students are not allowed to go their lockers during lunch with the exception of getting their lunch or lunch money.  Under this circumstance, you would escort them to and from their locker.

  6. Displays of affection (kissing, hugging, hand holding) are inappropriate at school and school-sponsored activities.

  7. Gum chewing is not allowed at IMS.

  8. No running in any of the passing areas.

  9. No loitering in restrooms.

  10. Students are not allowed to have cell phones on their person at school.  Cellular phone or personal pager use is prohibited at school.

  11. Some personal items, such as electronic games, toys, collector cards, radios, CD/tape players, ipods, cell phones, cameras, video cameras, aerosal sprays, perfumes, matches, lighters, etc., must be left at home.

Student Dress Code

Clothing worn by students should be modest, neat, clean, and presentable, in other words, dress for "work."  IMS is your work site.  Wear seasonally appropriate attire.  Not allowed:

  • Clothing and other items with questionable pictures or words.

  • Sagging pants or shorts.

  • Half shirts, tube tops (no bare midriffs or backs), halter or low cut tops.  No spaghetti strap tops (must be 1" or wider).

  • Visible undergarments including bra straps and boxer shorts.

  • Short shorts or mini skirts (must be at least below mid-thigh) or any provocative dress.

  • Hats, stocking caps, sweatbands worn on the head, scarves, bandanas or sunglasses.  Hoods are not allowed indoors.

  • Chains including pocket wallet chains.

  • Flip flops or other unsafe foot-ware on the Sports Court.

  • Any clothing or foot-ware that causes a disruption to the learning environment or that is unsafe.

Inappropriately dressed students will be asked to make appropriate changes.  If the student refuses, the student is subject to disciplinary action.  District Policy #3232.

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