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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do I do if I need to change my schedule or I am sick?  Do not notify the school.  Send an e-mail to imswalkabout@gmail.com .

  2. If I'm substituting for someone, do I sign-in with my name or the person I'm subbing for?  Please always sign-in with your name.  This is for emergency attendance procedures.

  3. How can I become part of WalkAbout?   First you need to attend a WalkAbout Training session.  This is required.  You also need to read, complete and sign the WalkAbout Participant Information/Statement of Understanding and, fill out the  Issaquah School District Volunteer Packet.  Within this the Hold Harmless agreement is required annually; other sections, biannually.
  4. What is on the clipboard?  School maps with room #'s, volunteer routes throughout the school, emergency procedures, IMS school schedules (on the back) and an incident report.
  5. When should I fill out an Incident Report?  If you run across a situation that you feel is potentially dangerous or harmful to someone or if a student is being intentionally disrespectful, then filling out an Incident Report would be appropriate.

  6. Can I let a student go to their locker during lunch?  Students are not allowed to go to their lockers during lunch with the exception of getting their lunch or lunch money.  Under this circumstance you would escort them to and from their locker.

  7. What do I do if my partner doesn't show up?  Sometimes volunteers are unable to come due to unforeseen circumstances.  Should that occur, you are welcome to participate on your own, staying within sight and hearing of staff. 

  8. Is it ok to stop by to chat with one of my child's teachers while I'm there for WalkAbout?  Please make an appointment at a separate time.

  9. If I can't attend the one-time IMS training session can I still participate in WalkAbout?  The training session is required before you are allowed to WalkAbout, but you are welcome to attend the training session offered at Maywood Middle school if you are not able to attend the one at IMS.

  10. Am I required to attend the training every year?  While the training session is mandatory for new parents, it is optional for returning parents.

  11. Has this program been used in other schools or school districts?  Yes, it has been implemented in a variety of ways and levels.  For more information regarding the program contact: Ken Wong, City of Redmond Teen Programs Director, 425-556-2320.

  12. Do I need to wait in the office or hallway for my WalkAbout partner?  Yes, please wait in the office or front hallway for them.

  13. Do we need to patrol the lunchroom?  No, there is IMS staff that oversees the lunchroom.  You are needed to walk the main and outside hallways. Please do not go into the lunchroom.

  14. Are Walkabout parents supposed to give out infractions if necessary?  No, infractions are only given by IMS staff.  Walkabout parents are there to provide support and guidance to students.

  15. What should I do if a student is dressed inappropriately?  The school is responsible for enforcing the dress code.  You may tell the office about the student, but do not confront the student.

  16. If I can't find daycare for my younger child is it ok to bring them for Walkabout?  IMS is a closed campus and bringing younger or older children on to campus during school hours is not allowed.  This is a liability issue.

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