The Washington State PTA actively lobbies the State Legislature for issues affecting education.  The Issaquah Middle School PTSA Advocacy Representative is responsible for keeping the IMS community updated on current legislative issues that affect our school, district, state and sometimes nation.  Your school representative is also responsible for getting people directly involved in advocating for education, such as writing letters to our legislators and attending PTA Focus Day.  IMS has students in the 41st and 5th Legislative Districts and the 9th and 8th Congressional Districts.  See the list at the bottom of the page of our elected officials and their websites.

Another responsibility of an Advocacy Representative is to attend the State PTA Legislative Assembly in October.  The Legislative Assembly is a gathering of PTA advocates from around the state who debate and decide which issues the State PTA will focus its lobbying efforts on during the State Legislative session. 

Get Connected with Elected Officials

Get connected with your elected officials in Olympia. The State PTA Action Center allows you   communicate your views to lawmakers via targeted e-mail, letter, fax, and more.  To contact the WA State Legislature directly, dial its Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.

Elected Officials – Senator Mark Mullet, 5th Legislative District - Jay Rodne, Position 1, 5th Legislative District - Chad Magendanz, Position 2, 5th Legislative District - Senator Steve Litzow, 41st Legislative District - Tana Senn, Position 1, 41st Legislative District - Judy Clibborn, Position 2, 41st Legislative District - U.S. Representative Dave Reichert, 8th Congressional District - U.S. Representative Adam Smith, 9th Congressional District - U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell - U.S. Senator Patty Murray - WA State Governor Jay Inslee


State PTA Contacts – Washington State PTA


Shelley Kloba,

Legislative Director, Washington State PTA


Ramona Hattendorf,

Government Relations, Washington State PTA


Bill Williams,

Executive Director, Washington State PTA




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