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Volunteer Times


 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri    Wednesday
Before School 7:45-8:15   Before School 9:50-10:20
Lunch 1 (7th) 11:20-11:55   Lunch 1 12:30- 1:00
Lunch 2 (6th) 11:50-12:25   Lunch 2 1:00- 1:30
Lunch 3 (8th) 12:25-12:55   Lunch 3 1:30 - 2:00
After School 2:40 - 3:00 (bell at 2:45)   After School 3:25 - 3:45 (bell at 3:30)

 Clipboard Guidelines

/ Sign-out Procedure

1.  Go to school's front office and sign-in to the WalkAbout notebook on the filing cabinets.  The attendance secretary can direct you.

2.  Pick up a WalkAbout lanyard and clipboard.

Contents of the Clipboard

1.  School maps with room #'s.

2.  Volunteer routes throughout the school.

3.  Emergency procedures.

4.  IMS School schedules (on back of clipboard)

5.  Incident report.

4. When finished, return your lanyard and clipboard, and sign-out.

WalkAbout Routine (after signing in)

1.  Check all doors to the outside, they should be closed.

2.  Work in teams and vary the routes that you take.

3.  Check all student bathrooms.

4.  Communicate with appropriate personnel if a situation occurs.

5.  Please report any adults without identification to the office.

6.  Don't ask for explanations during an alteration - separate the students and control the situation first.

7.  Have FUN and enjoy yourself and the kids!

Incident Report Process

1.  If a situation occurs, fill out a WalkAbout Incident Report (located on your clipboard or in the WalkAbout sign-in book)

2.  Submit the report directly to the Sandie Schertzl, the principal's secretary or any adult in the office if she is not available.   


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