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Comments from Parents about the Program:

 “A wonderful experience to stay connected to your child and their school as they grow up and become more independent.  Especially easy for Dad’s and working parents to stay involved with a minimal time commitment.  Thank you for running such a great program and letting parents stay involved!” 

 “Walkabout provided parents with a venue to keep participating at their child’s school on a regular basis.  Transitioning from elementary to middle school can be challenging for both parent and child.  Seeing what life is like on the IMS campus also helps parents get a clearer picture of what goes on at school.   Parents of 6th graders in particular have many  of their anxieties assuaged by just seeing daily interactions of IMS students.” 

“Thanks for running this program!  It has been a great support for our kids and fun for me, personally, as well.“

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the scheduling according to our needs, wants and crazy lives that change daily.  I won’t have any kids at IMS next year, but if you need me as a substitute, or during one of those first 3 days of school, I’m glad to help out.”   

“I've enjoyed the program and think it's a very good one-keep up the good work!” 

“Thanks for the great opportunity to serve at WABs the last couple of years! Keep it up!” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed WalkAbout during the two years I participated.  It was a wonderful experience to see the kids and how they interact with their friends and peers during lunch.” 

“As a parent new to WalkAbout and who has participated once a week since school started I see just how positive the program can be.  Having parents around in an unobtrusive, but noticeable way reminds kids they have the responsibility to behave well everywhere at school.  Often I get a smile and a hello from kids I know or have met while on duty.  I think Walkabout shows kids we care about them and I think they understand that we do.”

 “Walkabout allows us, as parents, to be a larger part of our children’s lives.  We gain a better understanding of what’s expected of them at school by their teachers and by their peers.” 

“A very low impact program and it makes the whole school experience not only safer for the students but more understandable to the parents as well.” 

“Both my husband and I volunteer and we really have enjoyed both the staff and the students.  It’s fun to be amongst them.  They are terrific kids and the staff is so wonderful.  It gives the volunteer a chance to see many more facets of their children’s experience in school.” 

“Walkabout has been a very positive experience for my two daughters and me.  I also feel it has a positive affect on all the students.  I have felt welcomed and appreciated by the students and the staff I have encountered.  I feel that those brief moments before, during lunch and after school when parents are walking about, are important in sending a strong positive message to all students that adults are interested and concerned about them.” 

“By spending a little time at my child’s school each week helps me stay in tuned with the school environment and alleviates my anxiety (especially when I started.)  I have also enjoyed getting to know other parents through this program. “

“I want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed my WalkAbout experience, and I only wish I could have done it much earlier.  I am grateful for the opportunity.  My daughter, will be going to the 9th grade campus next year, and I will be focusing my volunteering time over there.  However, if you are ever in a pickle, please consider giving me a call.  I just might be able to help!

"Thank you for embracing such a big job with WalkAbout.  Your time is very much appreciated.  You and your team are awesome, and as parents, we appreciate your contribution to the well-being of our children.”

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