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WalkAbout Volunteer Guidelines

  • Parents are supporters, not enforcers of school rules.

  • We are not security guards - the best deterrent to problems is creating a presence.

  • Encourage positive behavior by your presence - smile!

  • No gum, hats or cell phone conversations while volunteering.

  • Never walk into a situation that you feel will be harmful to you - you are of no help if you are hurt.

  • Document any situations that arise.

  • Don't ask for explanations during an alteration - separate and control the situation first.

  • Communicate with appropriate personnel if a situation occurs.

  • Report rather than confront students about inappropriate dress code standards.

  • Please do not drop by and visit with your child's teachers.  Please schedule another time to meet with them.

  • Volunteers are required to follow the school dress code.  (see School Rule Highlights for details)

  • Have FUN and enjoy yourself and the kids!

Important Reminders:

  • Volunteers cannot search student lockers, backpacks or belongings.

  • Volunteers cannot touch students in any manner.


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