The Angel Program strives to assist families who need a little extra help making ends meet…a confidential, behind the scenes IMPTSA program made possible by IMS parents, the greater Issaquah community, and dedicated parent volunteers.

Need help? IMS students needing school supplies or necessities of any kind and qualify for financial aid may complete the Scholarship Eligibility Application. The form is also available in our front office. Students needing something extra to be successful at school and/or to feel part of the community may see their counselors and fill out a special request form. Items may include shoes, coats, sports equipment, etc. Return the scholarship applications to our bookkeeper, Shelli Gitchel.

How you can help?

Angel Donors

1. Any amount you can afford to help IMS students in need will make an enormous difference in these children’s lives. Please click here to make a monetary donation. Note: while you may purchase a PTSA membership via this link, you do not need to be a PTSA member to donate. Just continue to the page labeled "Annual Giving Campaign" to donate to the Angel program.

2. Sign up to receive notifications when we are in need (on the Volunteer Opportunities page, please search for "Angel Student Assistance Program" and select your name and then click "next" at the bottom of the page). We will post larger items of need such as a beds, side lamp tables, desks or anything a student may need at home to be successful at school. For example, if you no longer need an item and it matches the need of a student, then you just let us know. You simply need to sign up to receive notifications via the PTSA "Volunteer Opportunities" page to get the Angel student family request information.

Angel Shoppers

Like to shop? We need volunteers to shop for specialty items, as special requests are received throughout the school year.

Angel Program Support

We also need volunteers to help us promote and support the Angel Program through marketing, procuring corporate donations, and communicating our Angel needs and information throughout the community, all year long. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Becky Foster or Amber Plumb at