Each year, our PTSA recognizes outstanding volunteers with a Golden Acorn award and exceptional educators with an Outstanding Educator award. 

The Golden Acorn Award honors people who have given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. Recipients volunteer in ways that meet the mission of PTA: promoting the health, welfare, safety, and education of ALL children and youth. 

2021-2022 Golden Acorn Recipients: We are pleased to announce that the 2021-22 recipients of the Golden Acorn awards are: Cortney Eldridge, KiLan Black, and Tracy Cooke.

The Outstanding Educator Award was created by PTSAs to recognize individuals who have gone beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. An outstanding educator can be a teacher, specialist, assistant, counselor, support staff, custodian, bus driver, administrator, or community member. Nominations occur January through April and are presented in May.  

Each Golden Acorn and Outstanding Educator Award recipient is given an award pin and his/her name is added to a plaque in the main office. In addition, our PTSA contributes $48 in the recipient’s name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships for post-secondary students.  Golden Acorn recipients are honored at a PTSA meeting and at a district-wide reception. Outstanding Educators are honored at an IMS staff meeting. 

Nominations for both are solicited in January-March (depending on award meeting date) each year. The deadline date for nominations can be found on the nomination forms, on the PTSA home page, and in the Panther Press.

Past Golden Acorn Award Recipients

2001 - Donna Adler, Mary Lou Pauly, Lorrie Pease
2002 - Perri Bernard, Caryn Cissna, Katie Richardson, Janette Wray
2003 - Lynnie Laks, Mary Lou Pauly, Margie Tinsley
2004 - Virginia Meacham, Pamela Ratcliffe, Hester Winn
2005 - Deed Chase, Patricia Flynn, Susan Gierke, Lori VanDeMark
2006 - Dianne Bugge’, Lisa Gaan, Susan Hegedus, Anne Moore
2007 - Karin Allen, Jane Lee, Susan McDonald
2008 - Mila Hover, Joy McIlvaine
2009 - Blair Baumer, Sandra Lum, Alison Meryweather
2010 - Sally Brunette, Kim Dreiblatt
2011 - Camille Vaska
2012 - Kristen Allen-Bentsen, Anne Watanabe, Elaine Sakamoto
2013 - Onti Rosen, Liz Rudolph, Victoria Evans
2014 - Jennifer Tucker, Sara Carmichael, Shannon Jasman
2015 - Valerie Yanni, Dan Chernin
2016 - Kristin Brennock, Leah Gibson, Becky Gordon, Tara Moe
2017 - Cindy Kelm, Pete Norby, Amy Cancelosi, Rachel Stoner
2018 - Blyth Claeys, Sandra Puliezi, Wendy Shah and Honorary Life Membership for Kristen Allen-Bentsen
2019 - Dave DeVore, Wendy Marucheck, Tim Morris
2020 - Carla Geraci, Karissa Mobilia, Angie Warren
2021 - Wendy Cummins, Erin Eaton

Outstanding Educator Award Recipients

2001 - Alice Britt, Marilyn Luckman
2003 - Bob Gerde
2004 - Amy Berreth, Ron Thiele
2005 - Kurt Wieland
2006 - Kathryn Coffin, Lorna Gilmour
2007 - Corrine DeRosa, Mark Dorsett, John Mejlaender
2008 - Megan Consolati, Karen Lee, Susie Smith
2009 - Julie Braithwaite, Kathy Gottlieb, Robert Kirkham
2010 - Seth Adams, Michelle Pickard, Ann Swiftney
2011 - Terry Shade
2012 - Traci Brewster
2013 - AnnaMaria Austin, Amy Lorang
2014 - Julie Morgan, Michaela Donahoe
2015 - Kristin Johnsen, Amy Ainsworth, Brian DeBroux
2016 - Tim Baynes, Barbara Galler, Lindsay Laing
2017 - Sandie Schertzl, Julia Weed, Anthony Jackson, Traci Brewster
2018 - Joel Sayson, Cristina Spadafino, Liz Villa
2019 - Rita Mallick, Renee Ott
2020 - The Entire IMS Staff