Volunteers are needed for the WalkAbout program for the 2022-23 school year!  

We are excited to invite parent and community volunteers to assist with lunchtime WalkAbout for the 2022-23 school year.  This program was started many years ago and was scaled back during the pandemic.  It's fully returned now, and is a wonderful way to support and get involved with the school.  And, our school staff and students really appreciate it.  

What is it?  It's additional adult volunteer presence during high activity times to help staff be able to focus on the most pressing needs, knowing that there are other adults available to the kids who may need answers to questions, gentle reminders about school rules, or maybe even just a friendly smile in the middle of their day.  


IMPORTANT: All volunteers must meet the following criteria to be eligible to volunteer:
1) Be approved by the Issaquah School District to volunteer (See here). 
2) Sign up via this form so the school knows who to expect each day. 
3) View the walkabout training prior to your first shift, so you understand the expectations. 
4) Arrive in time to park and sign in at the office to get your daily security badge before the start of your "shift" (plan for approx 5 minutes).

Note: If you would like to volunteer at a different time other than before/after school or lunch, your help is also very welcome! Please email our volunteer coordinator at volunteers@issaquahmiddleptsa.org.