October is National Principal’s Month. We are celebrating our amazing principal, Carrie Reckling!
Principal Reckling is originally from Utah and before becoming a principal she was a middle school Spanish teacher. Outside of being a principal, she loves to spend time with her family taking 1-day trips exploring the PNW.
Coming back to school after more than a year and a half of remote schooling, Principal Reckling said one of the biggest impacts she has seen is how happy everyone is to be with one another and how much students and staff equally missed the face-to-face social interactions. It’s a huge boost to everyone’s mental health!
When asked about her advice to parents and students as they navigate middle school she said:
To parents - schedule time to talk to your kids. Having ongoing and open conversations is so beneficial, even when our children don’t act like they want to talk to us (eye rolling and all). Principal Reckling also strongly advocates for families to be involved in their child’s use of technology and social media. Our children’s mental health is deeply affected by their involvement in social media and it is important to be aware of what your child is doing online.
To students - middle school is a time to figure out what you love and to get outside your comfort zone. Explore different clubs and sports to play. Make new friends. Remember, there are always daily fresh starts. If you have a rough moment or a bad day, come to school the next day and start over fresh. We are all learning and growing!