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December 4th, 2017
HOLIDAY GIFT BARN - We need your help to transport the donations to Pickering Barn.
Last Day to turn in Gifts is Tuesday, December 5.
The Holiday Gift Barn Program is a Holiday Gift Program for ISD children ages birth to 18. The Issaquah Food Bank is going to turn the Pickering Barn into a Department Store for their clients to do their Holiday shopping. 
IMS is participating through Homeroom classes where age range and a gender were assigned to each class to shop for. 
We'll need 6 drivers w/big cars on Tuesday, December 5th to transport all the items to Pickering Barn.

PARENTWISER: 'Yes Brain' Online Interview with Tina Payne Bryson
Join ParentWiser for an exclusive online interview with NY Times bestselling author Tina Payne Bryson to discuss how to help kids cultivate a 'Yes Brain' instead of acting out or shutting down when faced with difficulties such as homework, screentime, eating, bedtime, or feeling challenged. Join us December 13 at 1pmLink to attend: Limited to 100 attendees.  View more parent ed in Issaquah district schools at
Tina is the co-author (along with Dr. Dan Siegel) of the very popular parenting books 'No-Drama Discipline' and 'The Whole-Brain Child'. Get more info on Tina and Dan's upcoming book, 'Yes Brain' here: 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT at Chipotle last Thursday
Thanks to everyone who came to Chipotle last Thursday for our fundraiser. Unfortunately, we learned that day that Chipotle had a broken grill which significantly limited the food choices. This was outside of our control, but we know many of you were disappointed. We appreciate your support, nevertheless, and we expect that the evening was still a success. Thank you so much for coming to support us!! 

ONLINE IMS Directory now available!!
If you are an IMS PTSA member you can go online to the IMS PTSA website and access the directory. Use it for holiday cards, playdates, invitations etc. It has only been made accessible to those folks who have purchased an IMS PTSA membership. If you are not a member and want access to this awesome perk you can become a PTSA member HERE!! If you have questions about the directory, please contact Tara Moe at or Rachel Stoner at

Every year we miss out on thousands of dollars in donations. Don't let this happen! Many employers offer matching gift programs. Click here to find out how to check whether your or your spouse's company is one.
Most employers with matching gift programs make it easy for their employees to match donations. Usually it's a matter of filling out a form or submitting a simple request online. If you've donated to Annual Giving Fund, Angel Program, PTSA membership, Gift-A-Book, be sure to take advantage of matching so that your donation can be doubled!
Tax ID is available by request. 

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